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Journal by: Hunchback_Man
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February 28th, 2001
Somewhere up north...

For sure introductions are boring. For sure we can have thousands of pages full of useless commercial banners. For sure we can say the world is round.
For sure we can say this edition of Ambermont is late... ;)

The truth behind this edition of Ambermont is better to be left unknown.

But since I like to tell you secrets, here I am, letting you know what has really happened to us and why this edition is several days late.

The Wizard_on_The_Toast got abducted by aliens from Venus while in Seattle. That's the truth behind the earthquake. It was no earthquake. It was a space ship. He enjoyed the trip.
Dragon_on_the_ball went to a tennis tournament. He won the tournament, of course.
The Grinch visited Hollywood because he wanted his paycheck for his last movie. He said he's never going to work for Hollywood again.
The Hunchback_man got into a fight with Cupid on Valentine's day and Hunchy was hospitalized with an arrow in his leg. Cupid instead, flew away without his arrow.

So here I am thanking all our readers for staring at me right now. I'm sure you are.

Enjoy this edition of Ambermont!


Boo! What are you doing down here? ;)

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