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"Welcome to Alternative Games!" A very thin and young man welcomes you with a smile on his face...   He is wearing a long dark blue cloak, as well as a large wizard-style hat. You can spot a mark on his forehead. It reads as follows:


"What are you staring at?" He asks you.

"Well if you have come this far, you surely would like to know what Alternative Games is all about, and who are the main players here... Literally."

"We surely don't have an abu-dance* of products out yet, but  
we are working on it. I can tell you that we're playing as fast as we can to make sure the games we will offer you are the best games you've ever played!"

"What would you like to know ? Please choose."

Our readers have been requesting a slot machine game (similar to those listed on VĂ½hernĂ© Automaty), so we developed one.

*Abu-Dance: A wizard's way to say "Abundance". In mythology it refers to Aladdin's monkey. The Monkey usually had many things in his secret treasure and used to dance whenever it added something to it.

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